Special Partyzanai Broadcast episode dedicated to Bleach Cult’s „Summertime Whiteout Remixes“ EP launch on Partyzanai Pop Records. A debut Bleach Cult album “Summertime Whiteout” – the quirky ambient pop record that fantasizes about 1960s surf culture and romanticizes the never-ending dilemmas of teen life – got seven versatile interpretations from diverse Partyzanai comrades. The serving of mentioned remixes got premiered and executed by Gvidas. The second episode available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud



The tracklist:


1. Bleach Cult / A Coke With Hollie (Zoé Zoe Dimension Remix) / Partyzanai Pop
2. Kutiman / Maasai In Dub / Kutiman
3. Ramzi / Nofo / 12th Isle
4. Noise Unit – Feel The Anguish / Antler-Subway
5. Joel Graham / Geomancy / Music From Memory
6. The Durutti Column / Contra-Indications / Factory
7. Lifetones / Distance No Object / Light In The Attic
8. Ability II / Pressure Dub / Bassic
9. Julian Jonah / Jealousy And Lies / Cooltempo
10. Click + Click / Love affair / Chiwax
11. Bleach Cult / Acid Shades (Black Feeling Remix) / Partyzanai Pop







Next on our podcast series is Mantas T. mix for Betamax mix series curated by SMPL SMPL of Play4n4 community. The name Betamax stands for quality electronic music and analog warmth in micro/minimal/lo-fi/tech house/breakbeat and electro genres. The show itself is a mix series to represent groovy, funky, and rough sounds to show a more creative and experimental approach to dance music and  Play4n4. The mix is available on SMPL SMPL Soundcloud or over Apple Podcasts>>



The tracklist:


1. Borusiade / Granted / Tripalium Records
2. A Straage Wedding / Through The Black Hole / Worst Records
3. Daniel Avery / Lone Swordsman / Phantasy Sound
4. Gesloten Cirkel / Prison Riot / Bad Manners
5. Gamma Intel / Thread / Everyone On Acid
6. Exzakt & Bfx / Nasty Beat / Monotone
7. Unknown Artist / Fuck The Police / Casa Voyager
8. Luz1e / Seismic Shift / International Chrome
9. Imogen & Ben Pest / Volts / Earwiggle
10. VTSS / C E.t. Unlimited / Veyl
11. Héctor Oaks / Holding On To Our Dignity / Oaks
12. Gabber Eleganza / Lrnz Snn x Zmby (Lido Di Ostia Edit) /  Rye Wax Records
13. Estella Boersma / Multipass / Dance Trax
14. MCR-T / Ive Been Waiting / Live From Earth Club






A debut Bleach Cult album “Summertime Whiteout” – the quirky ambient pop record that fantasizes about 1960s surf culture and romanticizes the never-ending dilemmas of teen life – got seven versatile interpretations from diverse Partyzanai comrades. Ement transformed “A Coke With Hollie” into a rockabilly dancefloor sweat version, while Five Rituals duo converted the same song into a broken deconstructed club track. Sound designer Shkema took as usually a slow groove “mushroom” house approach and Zoe Zoe created an AI-based leftfield vocal version. Black Feeling transformed “Acid Shades” into a balleric dancefloor tune and Mart created a dreamy guitar-synths version of “Kenny”. Finally, Alex Krell adapts “Neon sugar” into a true rave-ish anthem. The serving of selected remixes will be premiered and executed by Gvidas at Radio Vilnius and the whole EP will be availble on the 2nd of July on our sub-label Partyzanai Pop Records and later on the 13th of August on other chanels. 



We are very happy to join brand new Radio Vilnius for the monthly residency. On PZ BROADCAST show comrades – Mantas T., Gvidas and Justas aka Ement – will continue their personal sound revolt by selecting progressive club tunes spiced up with forthcoming releases of our label and sublabels artist tracks. The first joint episode was compiled virtually between Kaunas and Cologne and available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud. Big thanks to Manfredas and Kotryna to make this happen.




The tracklist:


1. Sophie / BIPP (Autechre Mx) / Numbers
2. Hove / Journey to Arendal / Light of Other Days
3. Round / Days (JT’s especie invasora remix) / Hivern Discs
4. Five Rituals / This (feat. Sheep Effect) / Ledotmat Musique
5. Ali Renault / Maghtab Mirror /Italo Moderni
6. David Vunk / Pervitine 39 / Bunker Records
7. Any Act / If You Didn’t Know / Tram Planet Records
8. Vofa / Agosame / Pi Electronics
9. Martyn, Om Unit / Shapes / 3024
10. Ement / Metatone / PZ Records
11. Audio Aggressia System / Electro Mafia / Crobot Muzik
12. Dez Williams / The Spectator / Unreleased
13. 5ZYL & 666uba / VLN Blaster / International Chrome
14. Detroit’s Filthiest / Scared 2 Death / Bass Agenda Recordings
15. 5ZYL & Bask / Main Goal / PZ Records
16. Know VA. / Hibernation / Knives
17. Raw Takes X Varum / Psychopatchic Lunatic / International Chrome
18. Kev Koko / 1st Of July / recordJet







Next on our podcast series is Mantas T. mix for “Viskas Gerai” (eng. trans. – “Everything is good”) radio show at Vilnius University radio Start FM. The mix is available on Viskas Gerai Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>


The tracklist:


1. Bleach Cult / Pacific Surfliner / Partyzanai Pop
2. Stephen Huss / Belial (Sorcerer Mix) / Artificial Dance
3. Die Orangen / Krautback (Full Circle’s Fail we may, Sail we mus Remix) / Malka Tuti
4. Architectural / My Parallel Self / Architectural
5. Off The Meds / Voice Of Meds / Studio Barnhus
6. Malcolm / Final Boss (ft Gil.Barte) / Global Warming Records
7. Nikki Nair / Slug / Banoffee Pies
8. Electronome / Een Drumcomputer En Een Synthesizer / MurderCapital
9. Wachita China / She Bubblegum / FTP
10. Bochum Welt / More Light (James Zabiela Remix) / Central Processing Unit
11. Ascendant Vierge / Influenceur (Bauernfeind & Krampf’S Lfek Remix) / Live From Earth Klub
12. Cadency / Crack & Collapse / Herrensauna
13. JoeFarr / Departed / Mindcut
14. Incident Prism / Gang Bounce (Hector Oaks Remix) / Molekül
15. Jacidorex / Extinctor / Molekül
16. Teem / Pls (Emily Glass remix) / Illegal Data





 PZ-PODCAST-62-Mantas_T-VISKAS GERAI-at-Start-FM-Radio

Next on our podcast series is Jaroska live mix at one of the last events “Istverme” at club Kablys + Club before the lockdown for our rare side podcast series REBELCASE. The mix is available on our Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>


The tracklist:


1. Five Rituals / Third (Kablys version) / Ledotmat Musique
2. Faithless / One / Cheeky Records
3. Hodge & Peder Mannerfelt / All My Love / Peder Mannerfelt Produktion
4. Fsom / Track 8 (Speed Up By J) / Efficient Space
5. Sacramental / Morning Glory (Ruff House Mix) / Tortured Records
6. Artfcl / Artificial (Jaroska VIP) / FFS Recordings
7. Dive / Nobody Else / Rustblade
8. Hermeth / Dio / Dionysian Mysteries
9. Anz / Stepper / Hessle Audio
10. Ray Montero / True Jitter / Unreleased
11. Steffi & Virginia / Challenge Accepted / Challengeaccepted
12. Detroit Filthiest / Dis and Dat / Casa Voyager
13. Anunaku / Atlas4086 / 3024
14. Bonganovv / Donte Hugo Fuego / Self Released
15. Crouds / You Talk The Talk (Jako Jako Remix) / Intumi
16. Avalon Emerson / Finally Some Common Ground / Whities
17. Akiko Haruna / Hetero / Where To Now? Records
18. Halosaur / Tidbits / R&S Records
19. Arkajo / Untitled (Run Away With Me) / Aniara Recordings
20. ODLX / Wasteland 2k / Signal Life





 Rebelcae 03 cover

… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2020. Special thanks to: community for the PPP label collaboration, the clubs of our residency -  Lizdas and Kablys + Club for hosting our managed event series Jaudesys and Hunt. Bleach Cult, Palmės Žiedas, Jaroška, 5ZYL Five Rituals, Shkema, Jacques Renault, Phun Thomas, Dj JM and Ement for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius and Domantė Nalivaikaitė for the graphic designs and art direction. Archecho No and Nauris for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture >>  partyzanai-best-of-2020


A sound clash of genre-agnostic colourful “Uncharted Territories” EP finally follows-up with additional remixes. Jacques Satre from Worst Records brings his signature sound flip that makes “How Do You Called It” into Saint-Etienne’s chillout scene anthem. Five Rituals modifies “Eating Knives” into an experimental bass sound with half-time beat clocking into chugging tempo and weird Lithuanian pop figure appearing between powerful room shaking basslines. Shkema makes the most psychedelic version of “Eating Knives” so far. Phun Thomas revision got a fat acid facelift and “Thrillingly Twisted Uncharted Territories” by DJ JM is club-ready amen break dj tool revision to original. Finally, Jaroska revisits his own “Eating Knives” one more time to bring into the 80′s territory with fuzzed guitars and lyrics that tells the hard truth about most common lifestyle in our club culture. The EP appears on digital on PPP Records and launches on the 27th of November at the streaming event PPP015: Uncharted Territories Remixes Release Launch Stream in LOFTAS in Vilnius, which will be realized by Play4n4 community. Big thanks to Tadas Karpavicius for the graphic design and Pranza ( for making it sound good.


Listen and purchase remixes at PPP Records Bandcamp >>


Finally join the release streaming event from LOFTAS in Vilnius realized by Play4n4 – PPP015: Uncharted Territories Remixes Release Launch Stream




[PPP015] JAROSKA - Uncharted Territories Remixes - PZ News

Next on our podcast series is Mantas T. almost vinyl only mix for the Dancing Objects podcast series curated by UK/LT label Objects Records. The mix is available on Objects Records Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>



The tracklist:


1. Fauness / Window / Aqnb
2. Bleach Cult / Tumbledrying / Partyzanai Pop
3. Die Gestalten / Programmiert isoliert / Gestalten
4. Billy Ray de la Haye/ Timewise / Eudemonia
5. Credit 00 / Super Scratch / FM Label
6. NeuGrau / Beneath The Skin (Dancefloor Dub / She Lost Control
7. Imperial Black Unit / Your Kind Is Extinct / Soil Records
8. Maenad Veyl / Setback / Veyl
9. Walton / Fx_625 / Illian Tape
10. Know V.A. / Somato / Know V.A.
11. Astytekk / Lick My Bass / FTP
12. DJ Wachita China  ‎/ Spread The Virus / Jupiter4
13. Nikki Nair / Exp2 / Tram Planet Records
14. DJ これからの緊急災害 / Have A Think / OverworX
15. Hector Oaks / Is Imminent (Somewhen Remix) / Bassiani
16. Raven / Saints / Rekids
17. Know V.A. / Mirrorscreen / LFEK, Never Sleep
18. Marc Acardipane / Don’t Touch That Stereo’ (Gabber Eleganza ft. Delirio Impossible To remix) / Planet Phuture
19. Gabber Eleganza and Hdmirror / Frozen Dopamina / Live From Earth Klub






Bleach Cult is the musical nom de plume of Vytis Puronas, singer-songwriter and film sound designer, formerly one half of lo-fi synth pop outfit Soy Farm. His music is deeply textural and direct, with a genre-bending approach that explores post-punk aesthetics, minimal wave soundscapes and intriguing hooks with a sweet retro vibe.Summertime Whiteout is a debut Bleach Cult album -  the quirky ambient pop record that fantasizes about 1960s surf culture and romanticizes the neverending dilemmas of teen life. It is all about raw imperfections and beautiful spontaneity, captured live on a modular synthesizer, often relying on single takes and instinctive executions of tracks that leave little to no room for extensive tweaking and post-processing. Recorded in the living room at night it shies away from sophistication and complexity instead employing rough, rock and roll inspired ideas. Raw drifting analog sequences, pulsating textures and polychromatic vocals. No guitars or drum machines, however.The debut Bleach Cult album will launch on the 19th of August on our sub-label Partyzanai Pop Records. First digital and only over Bandcamp, later on other chanels. Limited 150 LPs are set to be printed until 16th of October and are already open for pre-orders over Partyzanai Pop Bandcamp >>


Check the video of the albums title track “A Coke With Hollie”


Finally join the Summertime Whiteout LP release launch events:


on the 19th of August @ Laukas in Kaunas >>


on the 20th of August @ PARKAS in Vilnius >>


on the 21st of August @ Ražė in Palanga >>