Next on our podcast series is Mantas T. vinyl only mix for the young lithuanian community Tamsioji Puse (eng. trans. – dark side), which reminds us that sincere passion and spirit we had during the rave movement in the early 90s. The music and environment have changed, but the community spirit stays the connecting factor. The mix is available on Tamsioji Puse Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>

The tracklist:


1. T.raumschmiere / Eterna / Kompakt
2. Thomas9000 / Drone / Premature Recordings
3. Not Waving / Forever / Diagonal
4. Khidja / Jazzista (Khidja Edit) / Hivern Discs
5. Foreign / Redemption / Eye For An Eye
6. Kris Baha / Autora / CockTail d’Amore Music
7. Im Kellar / Brain Roto Cast Action / Moustache Records
8. Myn / Cold Vision Era / Public System
9. Borusiade / Silent / Cómeme Records
10. Dreams / Stop / Subsubtropics
11. Alessandro Adriani / He Who Harnesses The Souls / Stroboscopic Artefacts
12. Spoiled Drama / Axiom / Fleisch
13. Umwelt / Hooverrun / Rave or Die
14. Zahgurim / New Flesh / Mannequin
15. Overmono / Harp Open / XL Records







… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2017. Special thanks to: community for the PPP event and label collaboration, the clubs of our residency - Opium clubLizdas - also Kablys + Club for hosting the annual label event. Without Letters, Local Blood, ShaknisOcean Promise aka ZZ Popkorn, Konsistent, Shkema, Vaiper Despotin, KGBK, Ement, OBCDN and Patris for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius for the graphic designs and art direction. Mindaugas Arlinskas and Glow Factory for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture >> mantas-t-at-prisukamas-abrikosas-visi-sventieji-2017-news

“Yet another post-punk band that is dabbling with minimalism and electronica? No, not really. Local Blood is something different, a more droned out and focused post-punk outfit from Vilnius. With concentrated, dark riffs, they take you into a whole other world then your own. It is somewhat more oriented around the instrumentation itself and less around the fact that it is post-punk – which is good – there need not be another band happily proclaiming to be post-punk because that almost always ends with a bad taste.” (according to “Crawling Borders” and “Forest” from the Local Blood debut EP “A Lure Of Sights” were interpreted for the dancefloor by Shkema, Konsistent, KGBK and Ement. 



Preview the whole EP on our Soundcloud and purchase it over Bandcamp >>



Finally join the release launch event on the 29th of December at Kablys + Club in Vilnius - Partyzanai Pop Showcase’17 >>






Shaknis is an ex-member of the Lithuanian hip-pop band, who re-discovered himself in the alternative electronic music. He started gathering various defected electronic instruments, which reparation became one of his main inspirational sources. First three tracks of “Theremostability EP” is the result of Shaknis creative shift, supported by OBCDN and Patris remixes. The EP in digital and MC format appears on and Partyzanai refreshed joint label PPP Records and will be presented on the 22nd of December at event PPP: Umwelt. Big thanks to Tadas Karpavicius for the graphic design and Pranza ( for making it sound good. Preview the whole compilation on PPP Soundcloud and purchase it on the limited to 10 copies MC or digital format at +++ Bandcamp >> 



Finally join the release launch event at Opium club in Vilnius - PPP: Umwelt >>





Next on our podcast series is a Mantas T. and Gvidas vinyl only mix for the Family of Lizdas – the club of our monthly residency in Kaunas. Coincidentally it reminded us, that we’ve been already 20 years together behind the decks. So we made a short walk through the oldies, classics and new records, which touched us at that moment. The mix is available on Lizdas Sound Institute Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>


The tracklist:



1. Foreign / Hope / Eye For An Eye
2. Factory Floor / #1 How You Say (Invisible Conga People Remix) / DFA Records
3. Chris & Cosey / This Is Me / Rough Trade Records
4. Rework / Girl Or A Boy / Soft Touch
5. Yui Onodera / Prism / Kompakt
6. Ricardo Tobar / Rue Calme (Marc Piñol Remix) / Musar
7. Eighth Ray / Axis Of Love / Emotional Rescue
8. Geneviéve Pasquier / Fairy Tale (Sneaker’s Dunkeltier Remix)/ Frigio Records
9. Trenton Chase / Hypoxia / June
10. Bep Kororoti / Tzantza / Hivern Discs
11. Borusiade / Silent (Khidja Remix) / Comeme Records
12. S.M. Nurse / Frutta / Domestica
13. Bionda E Lupo / Zug Der Vogel / Charlois





 Partyzanai Podcast 45 artwork

After a long but short break a bunch of unexpected interpretations of Without Letters “Unfollow EP” finally got it’s shape. The remixes were made by Lithuanian artists, who are shattered all over the Europe. Straight from London comes an expected ZZ Popcorn „Heritage“ remix, which acoustically can be mistaken as an interpretation of Eurhythmics unknown song. The second interpretation of “Heritage” is made by Shkema, who is constantly involved in sound design projects for the Lithuanian National Drama Theater. The “Sight Lines” remix comes from Denmark. Konsistent, who was one of the initiators of “Untitled Tricks” illegal raves in Copenhagen, took a slow, almost balearic approach. The “Malaria” interpretation was made by the fresh the Berlin resident – Vaiper, who is basically a flag carrier of the Lithuanian trap scene and is a frontman of locally well known Despotin Fam Band. Versatile and quality staff for global ears over here. The Remixes EP in digital format appears on sub-label Partyzanai Pop and will be presented on the 5th of August at event Partyzanai Pop Showcase: Without Letters. Big thanks to for Monika Janulevičiūtė and Tadas Karpavičius the graphic design and Pranza ( – for making it sound good. 


Preview the whole EP on our Soundcloud and purchase it over Bandcamp >>



Finally join the release launch events:



On the 27th of October at social club Raketa in Klaipėda - Partyzanai Pop | Without Letters | Raketa >>



On the 23rd of September at club Lizdas in Kaunas – Partyzanai Pop: Without Letters >>



On the 5th of August at venue Ražė in Palanga - Partyzanai Pop Showcase: Without Letters >>




  WITHOUT LETTERS - Unfollow Remixes Artwork

Next on our podcast series is a Mantas T. vinyl only special mix to respect the whole Supynes Festival 2017 crew for surviving the most extreme weather conditions in the history of lithuanian festivals. We hope they take it as a chalange and continue their tradition to organize one of the most acknowledged festivals in Lithuania, which unites the most of local underground electronic music communities. The mix is available on Mantas T. Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>


The tracklist:



1. Akis / Biofields (Feat. D. Spaneas) / Into The Light
2. Smagghe & Cross / Cariillion / Offen Music
3. Broken English Club / Rust Ballad / L.I.E.S.
4. Electronome / Minimal Dope / Murder Capital
5. Kris Baha / Lockdown / Bahnsteig 23
6. Ennio / Stein Ego / Patron
7. Stefan Egger / Power Synthi (Sneakers Bakalao Ajustement) / Macadam Mambo
8. Sebastopol / Manethon (Privacy Remix) / Correspondant
9. Martin Dupont / The Lights (Mw Edit) / Vielspass
10. Lowfish / A List Of Ghosts / Analogical Force
11. Rebolledo / Pow Pow / Hippie Dance
12. Fallbeil / Voice Of Thunder / Mannequin
13. Broken English Club / Country Life / Jealous God
14. Identified Patient / Vermoedens Van Achterdocht / Pinkman
15. Alessandro Adriani – One Minute (After Death)
16. Smagghe & Cross / Onde De Choc / Offen Music



Bon Appétit and see you in the forthcomming events @



>> 14.07. Paktas @ Peronas Venue in Vilnius


>> 14.07 Kablys x Devilstone Festival 2017


>> 15.07 Tropico micro festival, organized by Happening





 Respect for Supynes Festival 2017

The best 11 tracks of Plius Plius Plius label artists, cherrypicked by and community, who joined their efforts to discover, purify and deliver a versatile and promissing electronic music created by lithuanian rebels. The compilation is also available on limited MC and includes tracks from debut EPs of Mecanica, Thing, Rjn Dzem, Bell Riots, Konsistent (incl. Drvg Cvltvre Remix), OBCDN and DJ $tocker. The compilation in digital and MC format appears on and Partyzanai joint label Plius Plius Plius Records and will be presented on the 27th of May at event +++ Showcase. Big thanks to Romanas Orlovas for the graphic design and Pranza ( – for making it sound good. 

Preview the whole compilation on +++ Soundcloud and purchase it on the limited to 50 copies MC or digital format at +++ Bandcamp >>



Finally join the release launch event at Opium club in Vilnius - +++ Showcase >>




[PPP008] VA - Plius Plius Plius Showcase 2015-2017 Cover Artwork

We are continuing our podcast series with Mantas T. vinyl only live mix for the Borderless Podcast Episode #033 on the Barcelona City FM radio and on the Lithuanian radio station Neringa FM. Listen to the whole show on Borderless Soundcloud or listen and download just the mix by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes >>.



The tracklist:


1. Mekanik Destruektiv Kohmandoeh / Im Land Des Ewigen Krieges / Monogam
2. Die Orangen / Oodnadatta Rain / Malka Tuti
3. Alessandro Adriani / White Swan / Mannequin
4. Ricardo Tobar / Eleven / Correspondant
5. Future Sound Of Antwerp / Volium / Deewee
6. Inga Mauer / Silences / Shtum
7. Various Artists / R / Equation Recordings
8. Tv Baby / Wild Joy (Tom Of England Astro Instrumental) / Deus Records
9. Rrose / Dr2-3 / Noise Manifesto
10. The Golden Filter / Rivers / Optimo Music
11. Cabaret Voltaire / Low Cool / Instinct Records



Bon Appétit and see you @


>> Partyzanai Showcase at Raketa Venue in Kalaipėda


>> Prisukamas Abrikosas in Kaunas


>> Minimal Modays in Club Kablys in Vilnius





 Partyzanai Podcast 43 cover for Borderless Podcast

Focused post-punk outfit from Vilnius. Local Blood delivers the most instrumental EP on our Partyzanai Pop sub-label, which will be presented on the 6th of April at special event in club Kablys - Local Blood: The Lure Of Sights >> 


Preview the whole EP on Soundcloud >>



Check the video shot in an operating coal factory for the EP title track “Crawling Borders” on the Vilnius Temperature YouTube channel >>



Pre-order EP in CD fromat at Partyzanai Pop Bandcamp >> 




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